Love Cleophas
May 9, 2019

Peace Bampata is a retired teacher and nurse who returned to Uganda from Japan after the death of her husband in 2012, to look after the family and the businesses he left behind.

Peace joined Jubilee SACCO in 2015. This SACCO is one of the PROFIRA supported SACCOs in Bushenyi District, Western Uganda. She became aware of the SACCO through one of the church leaders in her community. She says that the SACCO has helped her fund different projects. She noted that the SACCO offers different loans at low interest rates as compared to other financial institutions in the sub-county.

“I found it wasteful to keep working in dug shops and clinics, yet I had a lot of redundant that I could invest in. Venturing in farming would also enable my body to exercise. I decided to go into farming of passion fruits and matooke, which have ready market”
The soft spoken Peace as her names suggests said,
“There is a group from PROFIRA that carried out trainings on financial literacy for my SACCO and its members. I benefited from them so much because I lacked some information on management of money, as well as business oriented practices. The training took good days, and the SACCO visited some of our projects to see whether what was taught is put into proper consideration.”

She has a banana plantation from where she collects Ug. Shs. 20+ million in a month. A bunch of matooke from her garden goes for Ug. Shs 20,000 – 40,000.

Inspired with the matooke project, which she has mixed with passion fruits growing (although she has not yet started reaping from the passion fruits); she also diversified to a piggery enterprise. She now has over 120 pigs without counting the piglets. As an immediate benefit,
manure from the piggery units is used to fertilize the matooke shambas.

She advises that other SACCOS should adopt the strategy of equipping their members with enough business skills that will improve on their incomes and servicing of their loans, as well as increase the savings of the members.