How Groups Are Creating Employment Opportunities For Youth

How A Small Loan From The Group Changed Kayedeke Joyce’s Life
September 25, 2017
Ephraim Keekomo
May 9, 2019

Anna’s story explains how the CSCGs are providing a solution to the financially excluded section of people mainly the women and youth

27 year old Asio Anna is a mother of one and lives in Otelabai Village, Kibale Sub county in Pallisa district. Before joining VSLA, Anna only source of income was by trading in farm produce. When CARE and UWESO introduced the PROFIRA project in her village in September 2016, Anna joined Kamurata CSCG to acquire savings and loan services.

“When I had joined the Group, I thought it was not easy to meet the weekly savings but after the trainer had guided us to set saving goals and targets, my goal was to expand my business by buying a grinding machine I decided to committee myself to save at least 4000 shillings a week in order to meet my dream of the grinding machine”

Anna narrates that she started by saving only 2,000 shillings but later committed herself to 4000 shillings a week after being inspired by other group
members., Anna borrowed 500,000 from the group that she added on her savings from sale of produce of 500,000 to raise 1,000,000 and purchase the grinding machine. I had strangled to save 1,000,000 for a long period of time but failed and since I don’t have any bank account, I could not get where to get
a loan, the group gave me an opportunity that I had to utilize” narrates Anna