How A Small Loan From The Group Changed Kayedeke Joyce’s Life

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September 20, 2012
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September 25, 2017

57 years old Kayedeke Joyce is a window with 9 children. She is chairperson of Kamurata CSCG. Joyce is one of the members in her sub county who picked interest in the PROFIRA project when the field officer introduced it in her village and she mobilized more members to form a group . “Before I joined VSLA, I was strangling as a small scale farmer and could not get money to expand on my gardens”.

narrated Joyce. She is among the few members who have already benefited from the project by investing in agriculture. Joyce has already borrowed three times, the last time borrowing 500,000 that she has invested in the rice growing. The money was used mainly for opening the land and weeding. She projects to harvest 1500 kgs of rice which she will sell at 1000/= per kg thus expecting UGX1,500,000. Joyce’s future plans include ” I want to expand the size of my garden in the next season so that I can be able to earn more income that will help me afford to pay school fees for my children, meet medical bills and easily meet the household needs”