How Groups Are Creating Employment Opportunities For Youth
September 25, 2017
Swaibu Magumba
May 9, 2019

Ephraim Keekomo is in mid-70s and one of the pioneer members of Jubilee SACCO in Bushenyi district. He is known in the community for poultry rearing throughout the year.

Keekomo is a retired civil servant who spends most of his time looking after the poultry birds with the help of his wife and grandchildren in holidays.

I hate depending on my children for my routine expenses have become financially independent through my savings and the loans I get from Jubilee SACCO. I have been a member in this SACCO since 1998. The SACCO loans have enabled me to look after the family through CROP farming and poultry rearing. I have really benefited mostly in loans, which I use to top up savings and capitalize my investments. On a favourable day, I get Ug. Shs. 3million from selling the birds Thanks to the good knowledge on Financial Management which I attained from a training last year (2017) conduct eby Jubilee SACCO, which is also supported by PROFIRA.

Keekomo caressing his grey hair as he narrates his story with his wife, said that the SACCO training on financial management, as well as advice on production helped him to reduce on the rate of losses he would incur on feeds and medication of both the birds, as well as his small
herd of Friesian cows.

“In May 2009, I got a loan of Ug. Shs. 25million at an Interest Rate of 3% reducing balance. I used the money to get more birds since it was my biggest investment. I paid the loan back after 11 months. I have got many more loans, I cannot keep track of all of them. Currently, my account has Ug. Shs 20million in savings.
These savings have been accumulated through sell of eggs, birds and milk. On average, each of my Friesian cows gives me 10-20 liters a day. “